How to add, edit or change photos

There may be times when you want to add, edit or change the photos on your listing.

Some reasons why you want to edit your photos:

  • you have additional photos to upload
  • you want to edit or add Captions to your photos
  • you want to re-arrange the order of your photos
  • you want to delete certain photos
  • you want to replace photos

Whatever the reason is, it's VERY EASY to make changes to your listing's photos.

1. Log into your Walk2Shul account. On the "My Listings" page, click the "Edit Listing" link for the listing that you want to edit.

2. Scroll down the page until you get to the "Add Media" section and where you'll see the photos that you already uploaded.

Here you can drag-and-drop to add more photos. After uploading photos, you can drag-and-drop to change their order.

Click on the trash icon to delete a photo. Click on the pencil icon to add or edit a photo's caption.

3. Click the "Edit Listing" button before leaving the page.

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