How to add a new listing

Placing a listing on is extremely easy. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process.

This tutorial shows how to create a Property listing, but the steps are essentially the same regardless of category. The main difference is the type of information that you'll provide.

Note: One exception is the Short Term Rental category, which includes our Booking plugin. So you'll want to view our separate tutorial How to place a Short Term Rental listing.

For the best experience, please have all your information ready and at least one photo available to upload.

Log into your account and click the "Add a Listing" link.

Step 1: Select a main category and a sub-category. Click "Next" to continue.

Step 2: Select the appropriate Price Plan and click "Next" to continue.

Step 3: Enter all relevant information of your listing.

NOTE: After you create your listing, you won't be able to edit the listing's Title yourself. If you need to change the Title, please open a support ticket and we will change the Title for you.

NOTE: For the "Price" field, enter numbers only. Do not enter a period or comma. See the screenshot below.

Step 3-b: Enter an informative Description. You have lots of space here to provide as much information as possible.

NOTE: Please do NOT copy your description from a web page and paste it here. This can include "code" that can break your listing's page. Instead, either manually type in your description, or copy from a web page then paste it into a text file (ie in Notepad or Textedit), then copy it from the text file and paste it here.

Step 3-c: Enter the listing's location. Select a Country, State and City from the dropdowns. Enter a street address in the "Address" field AND also in the Google Maps field.

NOTE: Enter only the actual street address in the "Address" field. Please don't include city, state and/or zip. 

Step 4: After entering the rest of the information, it's time to add your photos and/or videos.

Step 5: Preview your listing and confirm.

Step 6: Enter credit card information. Enter coupon code if you have one.

Click "Next" ... and you're done!!

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