How to claim a listing

For certain categories on Walk2shul, including Orthodox Synagogues and Business Services, your listing may already exist allowing you the opportunity to claim it and take ownership.

Please be aware that we use an SMS text verification method, which means that we send a 4-digit code to the phone number that is currently listed on your shul's listing. So please have that phone available when you claim your shul's listing.
If the phone number listed is a landline and not a phone that accepts texts (ie smartphone), please contact us first so that we can change the phone number for you.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to claim a listing.

1. Locate your listing and click the "Claim This Listing" button.

2. Select the SMS confirmation method.

3. Click the Send button. The code will be sent to the phone number listed on the listing.

4. The 4-digit code will be sent to your phone. Make a note of the code.

5. Enter the 4-digit code and click Confirm.

6. Once the code is accepted, you can either Sign In (if you already have a Walk2Shul account) or Sign Up (to create a new account).

7. If you're creating a new account, enter your Email address. Then select the correct Account Type from the dropdown. Click on the question mark to see an explanation of each Account Type. Then, click the "Claim This Listing" button.

8. On completion, you'll see the success message and you'll automatically be logged into your account. You'll want to click on the My Profile link in the left sidebar and finish adding information to your Profile. You can also now edit your claimed listing.

Still need help? Contact Support Contact Support