How to register as a member - if you're NOT a Realtor or Broker

This tutorial is for you if you want to register an account on Walk2Shul and you are NOT a Realtor or Broker. If you are a buyer, homeowner, business owner, restaurant owner or shul representative, please follow this tutorial.

(If you're a Realtor or Broker, please see this tutorial)

Our registration is quick and easy.

1. Click the "Log in" link in the top right corner.

2. In the "Account Type" dropdown, select "Buyer" if you're not planning to place a listing but you want to save Favorites, set up Saved Searches, comment or rate a listing and/or contact Sellers.

Select "Owner" if you're a homeowner, business owner, restaurant owner or shul representative and you're planning to or thinking of placing (or claiming) a listing.

Click "Next Step".

3. Fill out your personal details and click "Next Step". That's it! You're now registered. Welcome to Walk2shul.

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