Account Types - What are they and which one do I choose?

Account Types is an important feature in Walk2Shul and integral in the registration process. It's important that you select the correct Account Type when you register and create your account on

When you register as a member on Walk2Shul, you'll need to select an Account Type. Account Types determine, among other things, what listing plans you have access to.

There are 4 Account Types to choose from:

  • Realtor - select this type if you are a Realtor, Broker or Agent, even if you are not planning to place a listing right away.
  • Owner - select this type if you are a homeowner, vacation rental or business owner and you're planning to place a listing. Also, select this type if you are claiming a shul or restaurant listing.
  • Buyer - select this type if you're only looking to contact a listing owner, and you're not planning to place a listing.
  • Synagogue - select this if you are a synagogue and either claiming an existing shul listing or creating a new shul listing

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