Why should I fill out my Agent Profile?

The more information you provide in your account Profile, the more comfortable potential clients will feel in working with you. Walk2Shul provides you with many options to provide more information about you, including the following:

Profile Image - this would be your agent photo. We strongly suggest you upload your photo as people like to see who they're dealing with. Your image should be square in size and at least 300 x 300 pixels.

License # - many MLS' now require agents to show their license number. We offer that option to enter and show your license number.

Description - we allow a healthy amount of space to tell potential clients about you, your experience, skills and specialties

Company Name - this is the name of your brokerage

Address - this would be your office address

Service Areas - list the areas that you service

Specialties - list your areas of specialty

Phone - you have separate fields for Office Phone, Mobile Phone and Fax Number

WhatsApp - if you use WhatsApp, enter your number here and it will appear in your info box. When a visitor clicks the WhatsApp button, it will automatically connect them to you via WhatsApp.

Skype - you can enter a Skype account

Website - you can enter your website URL

Social Media Links - enter your social media links, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn

Some of your Profile information will appear on your property detail pages.

Most of your Profile information will appear on your personal agent detail page. When a visitor clicks on the "View Listings" link, either on a property detail page or on your listing on the Agents page, it will take the person to your Agent detail page.

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