The CRM - Inquiries

Click on "Inquiries" in the left sidebar under "Dashboard" to access your Inquiries.

When someone fills out the contact form on one of your property listing pages, that Lead will also be added to the Inquiries section of the CRM. It will create an Inquiry that matches the details of that particular listing.

You'll want to create a new Inquiry for your Lead, if they're a Buyer. The Inquiry should match their specific property requirements (ie. beds, baths, price, city, etc) of what they're looking for. 

After you create an Inquiry, if any new properties added to Walk2Shul match the requirements, those properties will appear in the Inquiries screen for that Lead. You can then select whichever properties and send them to your Lead.

Or you can contact the agent or seller of the property on behalf of your Buyer.

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