The CRM - Leads

Easily manage your Leads on

View every potential lead, its source, contact info, and other important data to be able to create the most efficient way to turn them into sales.

A Lead is collected when someone fills out either of the two contact forms on your property's listing page.

You'll see an alert in your Activities section of the CRM that there is a new lead.

You can see all your leads by clicking on "Leads" in the left sidebar under "Dashboard".

For each Lead, click the "Actions" button to see the Lead's Details, to Edit the Lead or to Delete the Lead.

When you click on "Details" it will open the Inquiries screen where you can see the Lead's details, as well as their Inquiries, Listings Viewed and Saved Searches. There's also a Notes tab where you can enter notes regarding the Lead.

You can also manually add Leads to your CRM by clicking the big "Add New Lead" blue button in the top right of the Leads section.

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