How to make a listing as Featured

Depending on the membership plan that you purchase, you may be able to make your listing(s) as Featured listings. A "Featured" listing gets additional exposure on our site.

It's good practice to go to your Membership page and check the details of your current membership plan. Here you can see how many Featured listings, if any, are included and how many remain.

Go to your Properties page. The "Featured" column will tell you which listings are Featured (Yes) or not Featured (No).

To make a listing Featured, click the "Actions" button for that listing and then click "SET AS FEATURED".

Click "Confirm" ... or Cancel if you change your mind.

IMPORTANT! You cannot undo making a listing as Featured.

You can then confirm by looking at the "Featured" column. In this example, 2 of the 3 listings were set as Featured.

Going back to the Membership page, we can see that 4 Featured are included in the current package and 2 Featured are now remaining.

When you reach zero (0), no more listings in your plan can be made Featured.

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