How to renew expired listings

When your Membership Plan expires, ALL the listings in your plan expire as well. In order to renew (or reactivate) any expired listings, you'll need to purchase a new membership plan.

Click on "Membership" in the left account menu. On the Membership page, click the "Get Membership Plan" button to purchase a new plan.

After you purchase the new plan, you can go back to the Membership page to see the details of your current plan. In this example, the 3 Listing Package was purchased.

Go to your Properties page where your listings reside. For whichever expired listing that you want to renew, click the "Actions" button to the right of that listing, and then click on "REACTIVATE LISTING". This will renew the listing.

In this example, we used the new 3 Listing Package to renew all 3 expired listings.

If you go back to the Membership page, you'll see the updated details. In this example, there are no remaining listings, because they were used to reactivate the 3 expired listings.

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