How to create an account on Walk2Shul

Our registration process is quick and easy.

1. Click "Sign in" link in the top right corner and then click the "Sign up" button.

2. Enter your email, which will be used to log into your account, and a password.

3a. For the "Account Type", select "Realtor" if you are a Realtor, Broker or Agent. Also, see #4 below regarding the "Personal Address".

3b. Select "Owner" if you're a homeowner, short term rental owner or business owner and planning to place a listing. Select "Synagogue" if you're a synagogue and you want to claim an existing shul listing or create a new shul listing. Select "Buyer" if you're not planning to place a listing but want the benefits of a Walk2Shul membership, including contacting a seller.

4. When you select "Realtor" as your account type, the "Personal Address" appears. This will be your personal web page or seller's page on Walk2Shul. Enter your name or a word for your personal web page. Click "Next Step".

5. On the next page, fill out your personal details. If you're a "Realtor" ... for the "Logo", this is your company or brokerage logo. Square images work best. Don't leave out the "About Me" section. Tell people about yourself and how you can help them as a Realtor.

6. Click "Next Step" to complete your registration.

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